Old News


Congratulations to Miriam, Zack and Matt on acceptance of the isoprene reduction study in ISMEJ! 5.12.18

Exciting news that our ARC Discovery Project application on reductive dehalogenases has been funded! 30.11.18

Congratulations Miaomiao Zhang who has received recommendation for the award of PhD by Faculty of Engineering, UNSW. 17.9.18

Congratulations to Sabrina and the team for publication of Lithgow field study in ISMEJ 30.8.19

Thanks to Miriam Kronen, Matt Lee and Sophie Holland for representing the group at ISME17. 20.8.18

Congratulations Alison Luk and Sabrina Beckmann for acceptance of the DNA yield discrepancy paper in FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 31.7.18

Congrats to Thy for acceptance of her organohalide respiring syntrophy manuscript in Frontiers. 31.7.18

Farewell to Zack Jones. Thanks for your contributions to the group! 27.7.18

Good to meet with A/Prof Federico Lauro at NTU in Singapore in advance of Zack Jones visit to set up pressure experiments. 15.7.18

Lovely to see group alumni Xiaomin and Tongxu and meet Director Prof Fangbai Li at the Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environmental Science & Technology in Guangzhou, China. 13.7.18

Good to catch up with the AISRF team in Delhi, India. 10.7.18

Great news tonight that Dr Matthew Lee has been promoted to Senior Lecturer at UNSW! Very well deserved. 1.7.18

Congratulations to Miaomiao Zhang for submission of her PhD thesis on phenazine biodegradation. First anaerobic phenazine degrader! 1.7.18

Awesome PhD opportunity for super talented HDR candidates to work with us on algal/bacterial consortia for wastewater treatment



Congrats Jay on preparing for MMARS2 launch against all odds and for your TEDX talk last week. 18.6.18

Thanks to Anna Yeung for her contributions to the group over the past year and a fond farewell from all! 1.1.18

Awesome report on the 2018 JAMS Annual Symposium by Carly Rosewarne. 9.5.18

Well done Sophie Holland on a reportedly excellent presentation at Battelle. 11.4.18

Congratulations to Thy who has been admitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy! 10.4.18

Happy Easter everyone. Keep up the good work. We're starting to hit the high notes! 29.3.18

Fond farewell to A/Prof Akifumi Hosoda. It's been a pleasure! 29.3.18

Thanks all for making JAMS7 such a great success. 21.3.18

The group welcomes 7 masters thesis students (Ruiyi, Yumeng, Yicheng, Mohammad, Ziyu, Ge and Ramon). 9.3.18

Good to visit the Enretech crew yesterday. Thanks for lunch John! 6.3.18

JAMS TOAST Nanopore workshop sold out. Only 30 JAMS Annual Symposium tickets left! 1.3.18

The group welcomes research Masters students Molyono and Gan. 1.3.18

Congrats Denis O'Carroll and Matt Lee on submitting the ARC SRI on PFAS. Phew! 28.2.18

So long Dr Beckmann and thanks for all the fish. Good luck in Delaware with the legendary Jennifer Biddle. 28.2.18

PhD student Jay Bevington gave an awesome seminar at UNSW O-week! 19.2.18

Entries to the 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are now open! 13.2.18

Registration for JAMS 2018 TOAST Workshop now open. Click here. 12.2.18

Registration for 7th JAMS Annual Symposium and Dinner now open. Click here. 7.2.18

Congrats Onder and Das on publication of Frontiers article on glutathione influence on biofilm disruption. 1.2.18

Congrats Das and Onder for publication of your book chapter in Recent Clinical Techniques, Results and Research in Wounds! 1.2.18

The group welcomes Dr Zackery Jones who joins us from the Colorado School of Mines, USA. 1.2.18

The group bids a fond farewell to Dr Sabrina Beckmann who leaves us after 6 years for a research associate position with Jennifer Biddle in Delaware, USA. 1.2.18

OMG it's 2018!


Group leader on leave until January. Thanks everyone for the ride in 2017. Proud of you all. Manefield out. 28.11.17

ARC LP Funding success announced today with industry partner Ventia to investigate PFAS degradation processes. Congrats to Matt Lee, Denis O'carroll, Stuart Khan, Nicolas Coleman and Qinguo Huang! 7.12.17

Mike Manefield is promoted to Professor. Effective Jan 1 2018. Dedicated to all the students and staff that have worked with me over the years. 28.11.17

Congratulations to Ili Jamil for submission of her MSc thesis! 30.11.17

Congratulations to Aravind Ramachandran for being awarded a PhD! 6.11.17

Great to have Tillman Lueders from Helmholtz Munich at UNSW before ISSM in NZ. 1.11.17

Thanks to Scientia Prof David Waite and organisers of Research Masterclass panel discussion last night. 26.10.17

End of year grades party on 1st Dec 2017! All welcome! 24.10.17

Australian Federal MP Keith Pitt visited our AISRF collaborators (Prof Banwari Lal and Dr Meeta Lavania) at TERI in Delhi, India. 13.10.17

Congrats to Michiel In 't Zandt and co for publication in Microbial Biotechnology! 6.10.17

Very nice to meet with former UNSW alumnus A/Prof Scott Rice from NTU, Singapore today. Thanks for the hot chocolate! 5.10.17

The group welcomes Karin Hellauer from Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering, TUM, Germany for 6 week collaboration. 25.9.17

Thanks to all who contributed to and participated in the TUM Summer Workshop. Especially Bastian Herzog for the heavy lifting! 15.9.17

Fantastic to visit biogas plants in Slovakia and meet with former energy and agriculture ministers and current finance minister. Thanks Peter Golian for hospitality. 12.9.17

Great to catch up with Stephane Vuilleumier and Jean-Jaques Favier at Strasbourg University, France on Thursday. 31.8.17

Great to catch up with Mike Jetten, Cornelia Welte, Michiel in 't Zandt and Sebastian Lücker at Radbourd University, Netherlands on Wednesday. 30.8.17

Great to catch up with Rainer Meckenstock from University of Essen-Duisburg, Germany on Tuesday. 29.8.17

Congratulations to Tammy Sihui Tang for being awarded a PhD from UNSW Faculty of Science!!! 10.8.17

Thanks to Alan Bond from Monash University for an excellent lunch and meeting with Xiaomin Li. 9.8.17

Two 3h introductory microbiology lectures for Civ Env Engineering postgrads done. Three to go. I need a beer. 4.8.17

Teaching Food Microbiology and Environmental Chemical and Biological Processes has commenced! We christened the new Biosciences teaching labs today at UNSW! 31.7.17

Thanks research associate staff (Matt, Sabrina, Onder, Anna) and visiting A/Prof Hosoda san for making Leiyu Feng's (from Tongji University) visit on the ATSE Young Scientist Exchange program such a success. UNSW VC and Dean grateful! 31.7.17

It was a pleasure to host researchers from TERI India (Lal and Lavania) and ONGC Energy Centre India (Singh and Kishore) at UNSW for our first year AISRF International Project meeting. Thanks to Prof David Waite (Deputy Dean Engineering) and Laurie Pearcey (PVC International) for the welcome addresses. 17.7.17

Thanks to Timothy Moore from the Dept Industry, Innovation and Science for the visit. 4.7.17

Nice profile article with the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. 15.6.17

We welcome Peter Gostomski and Louise Weaver and students over the ditch from University of Canterbury, NZ. 6.6.17

Great to have food waste digestion facility staff from Earthpower with us for some microscopy training. 5.6.17

Thanks CVEN4050/4002 students for a great semester and for the glowing testimonials! 29.5.17

"In Michael's groundwater remediation class, you learn to piece together a plan to solve a real problem in the real world using real data. It's great to be able to hear from real engineers and have a fieldtrip to the site. I'd highly recommend this course to any student who wants to work on an engineering solution"

The group farewells international practicum student Sofia Correa. Best wishes for future endeavours. 26.5.17

Thanks Stuart Taylor for the tour of your submerged sediments sampling equipment for the NSW Environment Trust. 28.4.17

Thanks Ron Lakin for a fun day playing with domestic scale anaerobic digesters in Brisbane. 21.4.17

I will rise like the break of dawn. I am one with the wind and sky. 19.4.17

The group welcomes A/Prof Akifumi Hosoda san from Japan on sabbatical for one year! 18.4.17

Article by Matt and myself on bioremediation in Australia in ALGA magazine Cronicle. 12.4.17

Awesome write-up on JAMS Annual Symposium by Carly Rosewarne on NPJ website. 12.4.17

Jobs available in UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. 11.4.17

Congrats Mac on acceptance of the manuscript describing the neutral neutral red crystal polymorph! 11.4.17

Novorem Pty Ltd website goes live! Congratulations to all involved and good luck with the venture! 10.4.17

Click here for more great NYT press coverage of Jay Bevington's escapades on the HISEAS. 6.4.17

Planning underway for MMARS2 mission sending methanogens to the international space station. Awesome! 3.4.17

Congratulations Amaye Ibugo on submission of your MSc thesis! Celebratory lunch midday 13th April at White House. 31.3.17

Check out cool article on the group joining UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. 30.3.17

Matt Lee presents his work on organohalide respiring bacteria at Dehalocon in Leipzig, Germany amongst friends and luminaries of the field Loeffler, Edwards, Adrian, Schink, Vuilleumier. 29.3.17

Congratulations Thy on submission of your PhD thesis. Fingers crossed for great reviews. 28.3.17

Another JAMS Annual Symposium. More micro madness for the history books. 23.3.17

The fondest of Farewell's to Ahn Thy who heads back to Vietnam after four years with the group. We'll miss you! 17.3.17

Congratulations Matt, Haluk and Ricardo on publication of the tetrachlorobenzene respiring Dehalobacter discovery! 17.3.17

Media coverage of Jay Bevington's NASA HI-SEAS Mars mission simulation. 13.3.17

JAMS symposium and workshop registration closing in the next few hours! 12.3.17

Thanks all for an awesome camping weekend at Ingar. 12.3.17

Congratulations Emile and thanks for the testimonial. Another satisfied customer. 6.3.17

Hi Mike, I got the job and start next week.

The manager told me they really liked the fact that I had experience in both Chemistry and Microbiology.

I don't think I would have that skill set if I done my honours in another lab.

Thanks again for your help.

Emile Athaide

Registration for TUM Microbiology for Engineered Water Systems Workshop now open! 2.3.17

Congrats Brittney Phillips for winning the ASM Vic Branch Award! 23.2.17

JAMS Annual Symposium and Bioinformatics Workshop registrations now open!!! 20.2.17

JAMS Annual Symposium and Dinner registration

JAMS TOAST Bioinformatics Workshop registration

The group welcomes SCIF student Emma Ronca. 15.2.17

Never let someone ask you if you think you are some kind of maverick as if it were a bad thing. Especially by an academic. Academics are mavericks by definition. 3.2.17

Great to be back with JAMS at Harpoon Harry's. 31.1.17

Awesome work by James Bevington on video presentation to JAMS. 31.1.17

The group welcomes Simrita Cheema from TERI, Delhi for one year on the AISRF grant. 30.1.17

The group welcomes Brittney Phillips for a PhD adventure on bioelectrochemistry and biogas production. 27.1.17

The group welcomes summer interns Maddie Wainwright and Clare Gorman. 20.1.17

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. 16.1.17

The group welcomes Ms Sofia Correa as a visiting intern from ENS Lyon in France. 12.1.17

Good luck Jay on the 8 month NASA HI-SEAS mission to Hawaii. 9.1.17

The group formally welcomes James (Jay) Bevington as a PhD student.

Welcome back everyone. Now we have to top 2016. Game on! 9.1.17


Have a great break everyone. What an awesome year!

Congrats Ricardo, Haluk and Matt on the new Dehalobacter genome announcement. 17.12.16

Thanks to Dr Simrita Cheema who visited this week from The Energy end Resources Institute in Delhi India on the AISRF grant. 16.12.16

Well done Mackenzie Labine-Romain in your honours thesis interview. One of the best honours students we've seen! Enjoy the down time. haha. 9.12.16

Thanks to the great undergrad students who shared the labs with us this week. We hope you had a good time and learned a lot of new things. Thanks to Sabrina Beckmann for coordinating and demonstrating, Onder Kimyon for demonstrating and Jay, Mac and Sophie for helping out. You people are inspirational. 9.12.16

Sabrina Beckmann and our collaboration with Bryce Kelly spotlighted in this article from the Cotton R&D Corporation. 5.12.16

Congrats Mac on submission of your honours thesis. 5.12.16

The group farewells Anancy Huizhi Hu. Thanks for visiting our lab. 5.12.16

It's party time! Excellent!!! 2.12.16

Congratulations to Tammy Sihui Tang for submission of your PhD thesis! 14.11.16

Thanks UTS and NSW EPA for the opportunity to present our bioremediation work at the CSARM Short Course. 11.11.16

Congratulations Nethra on completing your MSc! 9.11.16

Thanks to Ron Lakin from Biobowser in Brisbane for demonstrating the portable biogas digestor. 8.11.16

Summer party at Mike's house 3 pm til late Friday 2nd December. 7.11.16

Congrats all for success with the NSW Environment Trust grant on dioxin biodegradation. 2.11.16

Welcome back Amaye from your walkabout. 1.11.16

Thanks to the organisers of the National Institute for Biological Resources Annual Symposium in Korea. 11.10.16

Congrats Morten Hentzer on your quorum sensing inhibition paper hitting 1000 citations. 7.10.16

Congratulations Sabrina on being awarded the Theo Murphy travel grant for the Microbiome Conference end November in Adelaide. 29.9.16

Thanks to the Munich Readery and the crowd that turned up for the 'At home on planet Earth' fundraiser tonight. Microverse books went down a treat. 24.9.16

Congrats Mac on a great job with your honours presentation and thanks for doing the same for JAMS Inc this month. 23.9.16

Mike says, always try to have more than one reason for doing anything. 21.9.16

Mike returns to TUM, Germany to work with Jorg Drewes, Konrad Koch, Uwe Hubner and Bastian Herzog. 19.9.16

Check out amazing media response to our biogas work. 6.9.16

From my garden in spring with love. 6.9.16

Congrats to Aravind Ramachandran for submitting his PhD thesis. Hip hip hooooraaaay!!!!! 5.9.16

Happy ISME week everyone! No JAMS this month. 24.8.16

Congratulations Onder and co on acceptance of the NAG QS inhibition paper. 10.8.16

EES neutral red study wins Mark Wainwright Analytical Facility paper of the month! 9.8.16

Congrats Ricardo for being recommended for the award of a PhD from UNSW. 30.7.16

Congratulations to Onder for great PhD thesis reviews! 26.7.16

The group welcomes new PhD student Iris Hu. 24.7.16

Congratulations Mike on publishing over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers and book chapters! 20.6.16

Congrats Matt, Bat, Haluk, Chris and Valentina for acceptance of the Dehalobacter proteomics paper in Environmental Microbiology Reports. 20.6.16

Congrats to everyone who helped out on the Intro Micro course. Student satisfaction is through the roof! 18.6.16

Great article from the UNSW newsroom about Sabrina's biogas work. Check out http://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/science-tech/seeing-red. 17.6.16

Well done Das and Amaye on publication of your book chapter in Microbial Biofilms. 15.6.2016

Congrats Malu and Sabrina on acceptance of the high temp acetotrophic methanogenesis manuscript with Damien Batstone at UQ. 12.6.2016

Well done Charlotte and Sabrina on your recent publication in Environmental Earth Sciences. 5.6.2016

Congrats Ricardo on your excellent thesis reviews. 10.6.2016

Congrats Onder on publication of your prodigiosin work in Frontiers in Microbiology. 7.6.2016

Check out this short article from University of Southern Denmark on Yee Mon Oo and the Microverse books! 6.6.2016

Let's celebrate Onder and Ricardo's thesis submissions at BABS happy hour this Friday. 21.4.2016

Congratulations Ricardo Guzman on submission of your thesis! 21.4.2016

Congratulations Onder Kimyon on submission of your thesis! 21.4.2016

Manefield group scores AUD$1,212,000 in AISRF funding for enhanced biogas work! 31.3.2016

Neutral red crystal article hits top 5% of all scientific articles in Altmetrics ratings. Eight news stories and counting. 23.3.2016

The group welcomes Amelia-Elena Rotaru, interspecies electron transfer guru from University of Southern Denmark for a short visit. 18.3.16

Thanks to everyone who made the 5th Annual JAMS Symposium a magical success. Best afternoon of microbiology I've ever been treated to. 17.3.16

Congrats Onder Kimyon for contribution to recent paper OCB paper on AHL mimicry. 12.3.2016

Top job Matt Lee and Valentina Wong for acceptance of the CF degrading Dehalobacter paper in Environmental Microbiology. 1.2.2016

Sabrina Beckmann hits the big time with an article on neutral red enhanced biogas production in the #1 Journal of German Farmers! 1.2.2016

Congratulations Sabrina on your ENGE cave paper! 21.2.2016

UNSW Newsroom Media Release on neutral red crystals causes twitter storm! 17.2.2016

Congrats Matt on the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology article. 15.2.2016

Top job Bat, Matt, Chris and Haluk on the Frontiers in Bioremediation article. 15.2.2016

Congratulations to Sabrina Beckmann and coworkers for the neutral red study in EES that scored BABS paper of the month! 9.2.2016

Tyson, Rotaru, Schembri, Mcdougald and Zeher headline the 5th Annual JAMS Symposium. 9.2.2016

Torsten Seeman teams up with Thomas Jeffries to host the JAMS Workshop 14/15 March 2016 at the Australian Museum. www.jams.org.au for registration. 9.2.2016

Registration for the JAMS Workshop and Annual Symposium now open. Great speaker line-up! 9.2.2016

The group welcomes summer students Jordan Lovegrove and Shyam Bhagvata. 9.2.2016

The group welcomes Sophie Holland back into the fold for a PhD! 9.2.2016

The group welcomes visiting PhD student Huizhi Hu from Harbin Institute of Technology, China 20.1.2016

Congratulations to Joanna Koenig for her recent publication in J Haz Mat on nanoscale ZVI and ORB. 16.1.2016


Fondest of farewells to Jo Koenig who has been with the group since 2007. Thank you so much for everything you have contributed. You will be sorely missed. 16.12.15

Congratulations Sabrina, Matt, Daniela, Miaomiao, Xiaomin, Mon and others on acceptance of the neutral red paper in Energy and Environmental Science. 16.12.15

Congratulations Vince on completion of honours! 3.12.15

Congratulations Valentina on award of your PhD! 3.12.15

For those interested you can follow @MikeManefield on Twitter. Just quietly. 11.11.15

Congrats to Bat, Matt, Haluk and Chris on getting BABS paper of the month. Three in one year! 11.11.15

Congratulations Onder on co-authorship on the Organic & Bimolecular Chemistry paper. 9.11.15

Congratulations Jo on positive reviews of your JHazMat submission. 20.10.15

Congratulations Valentina on your great PhD thesis reviews! 15.10.15

Congratulations Onder on your recent JMM publication. 28.9.15

Adjunct A/Prof Federico Lauro wins the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award! 27.9.15

Manefield AISRF EoI selected as UNSW's sole application. 27.9.15

Congratulations Mike for surviving Oktoberfest. 25.9.15

The group welcomes PhD candidate Miriam Kronen. 3.9.15

The group welcomes mid year honours candidate Emile Athaide. 3.9.15

Congrats Matt for your publication in Microbiology Australia. 3.9.15

Congratulations Vince Gillies on picking up a job in contaminated land consultancy before completion of honours. New record! 13.8.15

Congratulations to Sabrina Beckmann selected as a Fresh Scientist NSW 2015 winner! 12.8.15

Congratulations Michael Klas and Sabrina Beckmann on acceptance of their review in Space Policy! 5.8.15

Matthew Lee assumes acting Group Leader position in the Manefield group. 4.8.15

Mike takes up Visiting Professorship at the Technical University Munich (Aug-Dec 2015) 4.8.15

Well done Farzana Kastury for acceptance of your paper in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 31.7.15

Congrats Bat, Matt, Haluk and Chris on acceptance of your Trends in Biotechnology review. 23.7.15

Well done everyone involved in ASM Canberra 2015. 23.7.15

Party at Grant Reserve Coogee 3 pm Sunday the 19th July. All welcome. Bring supplies. 7.7.15

Congratulations Valentina on submission of your PhD thesis. It's party time! 3.7.15

Congrats Valentina Wong for picking up 2nd place (USD$5K) in Golder Foundation Awards. 22.6.15

Sophie Holland and Farzana Kastury awarded university medals at graduation ceremony. 11.6.15

Mike picks up August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professorship at TUM, Germany. 17.5.15

Congrats Matt for attracting media attention for the ES&T paper. 13.5.15

Congrats Ricardo on publishing your dehalogenation bioreactor book chapter. 25.4.15

Congrats Valentina on being listed as a finalist for the Golder Prize. 23.4.15

Thanks everyone but especially Jo for your efforts on the Work Cover site visit. 23.4.15

Cheers Josh and Dora for the tour of the Caltex Refinery at Kurnell. 22.4.15

The group welcomes volunteer practicum student Xuly Labarrere. 8.4.15

BABS paper of the month goes to Matt Lee and co for ES&T paper. 14.3.15

BABS Jackson Prize for Microbiology goes to Sophie Holland!!! Ceremony BIBSpace 10:30 am 9th April. 3.3.15

Congratulations Matt Lee, Eliza Wells, Lorenz Adrian and Hans Richnow for acceptance of the ZVI v chlorinated methanes study. 13.3.15

Congrats Farzana Kastury for picking up the UNSW University Medal. Both hons students from the group last year. 13.3.15

The group welcomes honours student Vincent Gilles. 10.3.15

Congratulations Das and co-authors for winning BABS Paper of the Month for the Nature Scientific Reports article. 10.3.15

Thanks UNSW resident artist Tamara Dean and Matt, Rob and Sabrina for the funnest photo shoot we've ever done. 6.3.15

Congratulations Liza Kretzschmar for publication of your honours project in AIMS Environmental Science. 3.3.15

Thanks to everyone for making the JAMS Annual Symposium an afternoon and evening to remember. Spectacular! 27.2.15

JAMS T-shirts available. Contact manefield@unsw.edu.au. 27.2.15

Well done Thomas Jeffries on the awesome JAMS TOAST community analysis workshop. 25.2.15

Only ten days to go until the JAMS Symposium and Dinner. Spread the word. Buy a T-shirt with Mon Yee Oo's artwork. 13.2.15

Congrats Matt, Chris, Lorenz and Mike for extension of the HCB Linkage, thanks to James Stening and Bill Crowe from Orica. 10.2.15

Registration for the JAMS Annual Symposium and Workshop are now open. Register at www.jams.org.au. 1.2.15

Congratulations to Sophie Holland for picking up the UNSW University Medal under Matthew Lee's co-supervision. 26.1.15

JAMS workshop and symposium coming soon. Keep an eye on the JAMS website for registration options. 19.1.15

The group welcomes visiting scholar Deirdre Mikkelsen from the University of Queensland for SIP and qPCR training. 13.1.15

The group welcomes visiting and adjunct professorial staff Haluk Ertan and Federico Lauro. 16.1.15

Congratulations to Das, Amaye and Co. for acceptance of the DNA-Pyocyanin story in Nature Scientific Reports. 14.1.15


Thanks to Matt, Rob, Valentina and Sabrina and all the undergrads for a great workshop week. 6.12.14

Congrats to Sophie, Farzana and Jason on the 90+ grades for your honours projects. 13.11.14

Well done Farzana on winning the ALGA Student Award at Ecoforum. 13.11.14

Massive congrats to Xiaomin Li who scooped an ARC DECRA Award today!!! 5.11.14

Congratulations to the team for the ARC LIEF success. 5.11.14

Well done Farzana for winning the honours student presentation prize at the BABS Symposium. 5.11.14

Congratulations to Ricardo, Thy and Matt for transforming HCB to TCB and DCB in the infamous Botany HCB stockpile. 30.10.14

Congratulations Farzana, Sophie and Jason for submitting top quality honours theses. 29.10.14

Congratulations Amaye for submitting a high quality diploma thesis.

Congratulations to Das on being awarded a University of Sydney Postdoctoral Fellowship. 16.10.14

Thanks Miaomiao, Aria and Sabrina for your efforts in the snow at Lithgow. 15.10.14

Good job Matt and Sabrina representing the group at the International Symposium on Subsurface Microbiology in California. 12.10.14

The group welcomes Miao Miao Zhang. 7.10.14

Congrats Onder and Ipek on getting married! 18.09.14

Best of luck at ISME and safe passage doctoral travellers. 22.08.14

Well done Sabrina for acceptance of your FEMS Microbiology Ecology manuscript. 18.8.14

Congratulations Iman Taleb on acceptance of your PhD thesis! 11.8.14

Congratulations Jackie Stroud and Adrian Low on publication of the acid sulphate soil work in ES&T. 28.7.14

Congratulations Xiaomin and Tongxu on the birth of Jasper. 26.7.14

Congratulations Matt and Jo on acceptance of the CAH biodegradation review. 26.7.14

Good job Jane Fowler, Malu and Lisa Gieg for publication of the methanogenic toluene degrader story. 15.7.14

Best wishes Xiamon Li on maternity leave. 11.7.14

Top job Grant, Robert and Matt. Australia's first bioaugmentation with a chloroform degrading culture! 3.7.14

Cheers John Giltrap for the tour of the Enretech facilities. 2.7.14

Congratulations Wade and Malu on the birth of Antonio! 30.6.14

A massive thanks and teary farewell to Malu. Eight years of joyful research. Good luck super mum! 9.6.14

A fond farewell to Alison, Mon, Grant and Iman. Thanks for everything! 6.6.14

Congratulations Hazlin and Das for acceptance of your ATR-FTIR manuscript in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 15.5.14

Congratulations Sabrina, Mon and Matt on filing of the Australian patent on enhanced biogas. 14.5.14

Congratulations to Joanna, Matthew and little baby Florence! 6.5.14

Congratulations Farzana for securing a UNSW Honours Scholarship! 11.4.14

Farewell Jo Koenig who goes on maternity leave this week. Good luck! 9.4.14

The group welcomes postdoc Robert Barnes to UNSW. 7.4.14

Congratulations Iman for submission of your PhD thesis! A triumph over reproductive fitness. 7.4.14

The group welcomes visiting scholar Dr Cornelia Welte 16.3.14

The group welcomes Amaye Ibugo from Nigeria for a graduate diploma. 10.3.14

The group welcomes honours students Sophie, Jason and Farzana. 10.3.14

Congratulations Valentina on your travel grant award to attend the dechlorination conference in Germany. 25.2.14

The group welcomes visiting student Itziar Müller from Liepzig Germany. 24.2.14

Congratulations Das, Sharma, Valentina and Leena on acceptance of your PlosONE manuscript on calcium and eDNA. 19.2.14

Congratulations Hazlin Hazrin-Chong for your A grade PhD thesis. Best possible review result! 20.1.14

The group welcomes Xiaomin Li working part time until mid 2014 on extracellular electron transfer. 15.1.14

Congratulations to Malu on her second pregnancy! 15.1.14

Well done Das on getting a paper into Langmuir. 13.1.14

Well done Malu on getting a paper into the ISME Journal. 16.12.13


Congratulations to Farzana for her Outstanding Achievement Scholarship. 10.12.13

Congratulations to Mona on award of her MPhil degree. 23.11.13

Well done Anna Liza Kretzschmar on an excellent performance in honours 2013. 22.11.13

Congratulations Jo Koenig on acceptance of your valuable solvent tolerance data set in Microbes and Environments. 11.11.13

Well done Grant Elliott on an outstanding performance in honours 2013. 11.11.13

Thanks Valentina and congratulations everyone on securing over $1.3 million in ARC funding. 8.11.13

Congratulations to Mona who received good reviews for her MPhil thesis. 24.10.13

The Lithgow field site came under direct threat from fire yesterday. All personnel and buildings are safe. The bush around the site is completely burnt out. Thanks to the Museum and volunteer fire fighting crews for their hard work and bravery. 18.10.13

Congratulations Joanna Koenig and Matt Lee on the pregnancy. Good luck! 30.9.13

Congratulations Hazlin Hazrin-Chong for submitting your PhD thesis. 20.9.2013

Welcome to Prof Rainer Meckenstock visiting from Munich, Germany. 17.9.2013

Well done Valentina, Tammy and Ricardo for winning travel awards to attend CleanUp 2013. 17.9.13

Jinsong Zhang, Tony Fane, Mike Manefield and others pick up $1.4 million Singaporean Govt grant for biodegradation membrane development. 22.8.13

Congratulations Nandang, Valentina, Marc and Matt for publication of the Dehalobacter genome sequence announcement. 22.8.13

Congratulations Das for recognition of the pyocyanin/DNA binding discovery in the Global Medical Discovery Series. 20.8.13

Congrats Rob Patterson and Mike for picking up a UNSW Science Faculty Interdisciplinary Grant. 15.8.13

Welcome to new BSc honours students Mon Yee and Alison Luk. 29.7.13

Congrats to the bioremediation team for having work featured in the ARC Annual Report to be tabled in Parliament. 27.7.13

Congratulations to Sharma and her husband on the birth of their baby boy. 10.7.13

Farewell to MPhil student Mona El Hassan. Thanks for your hard work and discoveries. Good luck with the reviews. 3.7.13

The grant application for HCB biodegradation has been funded by the ARC. Congrats to Matt Lee, Chris Marquis and Lorenz Adrian. 28.6.13

Congratulations Iman on the birth of your baby boy. Just made it out of the lab in time. Welcome Omar! 20.6.13

Good job Onder Kimyon and Grace Chong on acceptance of the V. fischeri quorum sensing evolution paper in PlosONE. 21.5.13

Good job Liza Kretchmar on your ABC Radio National interview aired nationally on the weekend. 12.5.13

Congratulations to Das and Sharma for acceptance of the eDNA review in Environmental Microbiology Reports. 4.5.13

Well done to Peter Francis and Glen Cunningham for retrieving the lost pump from LSCM2. Awesome industry partner action! 1.5.13

Fond farewells to Hazlin Hazrin-Chong. Thanks for the hard work and serenity. 6.4.13

Congratulations to Mona El Hassan for submission of her MPhil thesis! 29.3.13

Congratulations to Malu for securing funding from the Career Advancement Fund. 20.3.13

Welcome to Ahn Thy, who joins the group for a PhD. 20.3.13

Welcome to Sophie Holland, who joins the group as a 3301 student. 20.3.13

Welcome to Campbell Griffin, who is visiting from the School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy. 20.3.13

Farewell to Jamie Hinks who was visiting from SCELSE, Singapore. 12.03.13

Thanks to David Clarke for the awesome tour of the EarthPower facility. 11.03.13

Congratulations to Eliza Wells for being awarded The Jackson Prize (best performance in microbiology in BABS). 11.02.13

Well done Olivier Zemb for publishing your work on phage adsorption to bacteria. 07.02.13

Well done Das, Samuel and Naresh on acceptance of the pyocyanin DNA binding story in PlosONE. 01.02.13

Congrats to Olivier Zemb, Caroline and little Emelie, born 24th Jan. 26.01.13

Welcome to Marie Älander who joins the group for a six week internship. 20.01.13

Congratulations to Das for acceptance of his article in Communicative and Integrative Biology. 11.01.13

Welcome to Farzana Kastury who joins to group as an undergraduate volunteer. 11.01.13