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Conference attendance by group members

Scientific conferences are part and parcel of scientific life. Simultaneously daunting, stimulating, loads of fun, a ticket around the world and a door to international networks and new career opportunities conferences are not to be missed. In the Manefield group staff and PhD students are expected to present at international conferences. This page outlines the group policy on conference attendance.

1. Staff are expected to attend conferences relevant to their work where professional opportunities are maximal.

2. Staff registration, transport and accommodation costs will be covered by the grants on which they are employed.

3. PhD students are expected to attend one conference during their candidature, usually in their third year.

4. Student registration and poster production costs will be covered by the grants associated with the projects they contribute to.

5. Students are expected to take advantage of travel support opportunities to cover costs of travel and accommodation.

7. Abstracts, posters and oral presentations should include all contributors as authors. All authors should be given a chance to review content.

6. Poster production costs will be covered by project grants. The best deals are with Glory Printing in Kingsford.

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