Welcome to the homepage of Mike Manefield's environmental microbiology research team. Mike holds a Professorial appointment across the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is also Director of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS Inc) and former August Willhelm Scheer Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and ARC FT2 Future Fellow at UNSW Australia. The team manages research portfolios in organohalide bioremediation and biogenic methane production and is supported financially by government and industry bodies.

PhD student Jay Bevington will be giving a special seminar next week!
(4 pm 19th Feb 2018 - Earth years)

7th JAMS Annual Symposium and Dinner
1 pm til late
21st March 2018

JAMS 2018 TOAST Workshop registration also now open!!!
19-20 March Nanopore data production and analysis!

Members of the enhanced methanogenesis team pictured below next to a TOF-SIMS in the UNSW Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.

Group News!!!


Entries to the 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are now open! 13.2.18

Jay Bevington giving NASA Hi-SEAS talk 4 pm 19 Feb. Register here. 12.2.18

Registration for JAMS 2018 TOAST Workshop now open. Click here. 12.2.18

Registration for 7th JAMS Annual Symposium and Dinner now open. Click here. 7.2.18

Congrats Onder and Das on publication of Frontiers article on glutathione influence on biofilm disruption. 1.2.18

Congrats Das and Onder for publication of your book chapter in Recent Clinical Techniques, Results and Research in Wounds! 1.2.18

The group welcomes Dr Zackery Jones who joins us from the Colorado School of Mines, USA. 1.2.18

The group bids a fond farewell to Dr Sabrina Beckmann who leaves us after 6 years for a research associate position with Jennifer Biddle in Delaware, USA. 1.2.18

OMG it's 2018!

Contact Details
Professor Mike Manefield, School of Chemical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. 2052.
Phone: +61293855355        Mail: manefield@unsw.edu.au     Website: www.manefield.com    Twitter: @mikemanefield

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