Welcome to the homepage of Mike Manefield's environmental microbiology research team. Mike holds a Professorial appointment across the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is also Director of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS Inc) and former August Willhelm Scheer Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and ARC FT2 Future Fellow at UNSW Australia. The team manages research portfolios in organohalide bioremediation and biogenic methane production and is supported financially by government and industry bodies.

Group News!!!


News article on our Arc Special Research Initiative grant success led be collaborator Prof Denis O'Carroll. 15.1.19

Congrats to Miriam Kronen and Matt Lee on publication of the isoprene respiration discovery in ISMEJ. https://rdcu.be/bgL78. 15.1.19

Excited to confirm Jim Tiedje as speaker for 2019 JAMS Annual Symposium on 20 March at Australian Museum. 14.1.19

Welcome back to the action everyone! 14.1.19


Congratulations to Miriam, Zack and Matt on acceptance of the isoprene reduction study in ISMEJ! 5.12.18

Exciting news that our ARC Discovery Project application on reductive dehalogenases has been funded! 30.11.18

Congratulations Miaomiao Zhang who has received recommendation for the award of PhD by Faculty of Engineering, UNSW. 17.9.18

Congratulations to Sabrina and the team for publication of Lithgow field study in ISMEJ 30.8.19

Thanks to Miriam Kronen, Matt Lee and Sophie Holland for representing the group at ISME17. 20.8.18

Congratulations Alison Luk and Sabrina Beckmann for acceptance of the DNA yield discrepancy paper in FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 31.7.18

Congrats to Thy for acceptance of her organohalide respiring syntrophy manuscript in Frontiers. 31.7.18

Farewell to Zack Jones. Thanks for your contributions to the group! 27.7.18

Good to meet with A/Prof Federico Lauro at NTU in Singapore in advance of Zack Jones visit to set up pressure experiments. 15.7.18

Lovely to see group alumni Xiaomin and Tongxu and meet Director Prof Fangbai Li at the Guangdong Institute of Eco-Environmental Science & Technology in Guangzhou, China. 13.7.18

Good to catch up with the AISRF team in Delhi, India. 10.7.18

Great news tonight that Dr Matthew Lee has been promoted to Senior Lecturer at UNSW! Very well deserved. 1.7.18

Congratulations to Miaomiao Zhang for submission of her PhD thesis on phenazine biodegradation. First anaerobic phenazine degrader! 1.7.18
Awesome PhD opportunity for super talented HDR candidates to work with us on algal/bacterial consortia for wastewater treatment

Congrats Jay on preparing for MMARS2 launch against all odds and for your TEDX talk last week. 18.6.18 

Thanks to Anna Yeung for her contributions to the group over the past year and a fond farewell from all! 1.1.18

Well done Sophie Holland on a reportedly excellent presentation at Battelle. 11.4.18

Congratulations to Thy who has beeadmitted to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy! 10.4.18

Happy Easter everyone. Keep up the good work. We're starting to hit the high notes! 29.3.18

Fond farewell to A/Prof Akifumi Hosoda. It's been a pleasure! 29.3.18

Thanks all for making JAMS7 such a great success. 21.3.18

The group welcomes 7 masters thesis students (Ruiyi, Yumeng, Yicheng, Mohammad, Ziyu, Ge and Ramon). 9.3.18

Good to visit the Enretech crew yesterday. Thanks for lunch John! 6.3.18

JAMS TOAST Nanopore workshop sold out. Only 30 JAMS Annual Symposium tickets left! 1.3.18

The group welcomes research Masters students Molyono and Gan. 1.3.18

Congrats Denis O'Carroll and Matt Lee on submitting the ARC SRI on PFAS. Phew! 28.2.18

So long Dr Beckmann and thanks for all the fish. Good luck in Delaware with the legendary Jennifer Biddle. 28.2.18

PhD student Jay Bevington gave an awesome seminar at UNSW O-week! 19.2.18

Entries to the 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes are now open! 13.2.18

Registration for JAMS 2018 TOAST Workshop now open. Click here. 12.2.18

Registration for 7th JAMS Annual Symposium and Dinner now open. Click here. 7.2.18

Congrats Onder and Das on publication of Frontiers article on glutathione influence on biofilm disruption. 1.2.18

Congrats Das and Onder for publication of your book chapter in Recent Clinical Techniques, Results and Research in Wounds! 1.2.18

The group welcomes Dr Zackery Jones who joins us from the Colorado School of Mines, USA. 1.2.18

The group bids a fond farewell to Dr Sabrina Beckmann who leaves us after 6 years for a research associate position with Jennifer Biddle in Delaware, USA. 1.2.18

OMG it's 2018!

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